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Information technology management by Vanguard
Health Solutions

Summary: Harness the power of a robust information system in your quest toward value-based care and population health.

Information technology is at the core of population health. By integrating with electronic health records, a robust information system helps providers to better manage care plans and increase engagement for patients with chronic conditions.

We oversee the information systems that health care professionals use to store, share and analyze information. This allows for timely, accurate data and seamless electronic reporting to federal agencies, health systems, and others.


  • Patient-Centered Model Facilitation: Our IT team helps you implement the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model by improving access to services, proactively engaging patients in high-quality preventive and chronic care, and creating systems to coordinate care with specialists and other community resources.

  • EHR Setup and Training: We configure your Healthcare IT systems in all areas, including user setup, schedule customization, order entry, and more. We also train and mentor your staff in using the new application to ensure proper and high-performance usage.

  • Technology and Data Integration: We help you maximize the value of your investments in hardware, software, and personnel. We customize your programs and incorporate your technology into business practices and clinical workflows. In these ways and others, we help you improve efficiency and enhance the patient’s experience. We work with providers and management to use data-driven techniques for quality improvement, increased revenue, and better patient care.

  • Managed IT Services: We provide regular management of systems and networks that keep your PCs, servers and networks up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Key Takeaways


Vanguard Health Solutions offers the population health IT expertise that helps you achieve successful value-based care initiatives.


We will help your primary care practice:


  • Set up the right system for mandated and voluntary reporting

  • Create efficiencies to maximize productivity

  • Manage your systems to minimize downtime


Contact us to discover how we can help you advance your information technology system. Request an exploratory call with a Vanguard Health Solutions specialist today by calling 973.559.3701 or emailing


Why Engage Vanguard Health Solutions?


Vanguard Health Solutions (VHS) is an MSO designed to help independent primary care providers in New Jersey succeed in the delivery of value-based care. As primary care providers ourselves, we know the challenges facing an independent practice. We live them every day. We know what it takes to transform a practice to a population health focus. We’ve done it successfully for our own practice. With us by your side, you will feel less like you are building the plane as you fly it, and more like you are navigating the course toward success.


With thoughtful, thorough strategic planning, we help keep your primary care medical practice sustainable for the long term. Our MSO team brings hands-on experience in facilities and equipment, policies and procedures, office management, human resources, credentialing, and succession planning. We also bring the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that make the difference.


  • An experienced team of medical practice administrators

  • Tech-savvy leaders in medical informatics

  • Like-minded primary care practitioners putting patients first

  • HR professionals who are experts in recruitment/retention

  • Proven track record


VHS offers the full spectrum of services to help independent practices create sustainable transformation, including:


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