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Succeed in value-based contracting with our New Jersey clinically integrated network for independent primary care practices. Do you have a trusted partner?

Summary: Vanguard Partner Network is a clinically integrated network that helps New Jersey independent primary care practices position themselves for growth and sustainability through competitive contracts, quality reporting, and improved patient outcomes. It is the first in NJ to receive URAC accreditation.

Vanguard Partner Network is a physician-led, New Jersey-based clinically integrated network that puts independent primary care physicians on the fast track to the financial and clinical rewards of value-based care delivery.

“Healthcare is expensive, with costs continuing to rise. Chronic disease continues to be a public health challenge. Healthcare systems and independent physicians aren’t communicating in real time and don’t always share priorities. The current system isn’t as effective as it could be. That’s where a Clinically Integrated Network can help.

– Dr. Thomas McCarrick


First in NJ: URAC Certified

Vanguard Partner Network is the first clinically integrated network in New Jersey tomeet URAC standards. URAC’s accreditation provides confirmation that an independentthird-party has
validated VPN’s best-in-class network operations and comprehensiveclinical practices.


Why engage Vanguard Partner Network Clinically Integrated Network?

As physicians with 30+ years of experience in primary care, we understand the challenges of maintaining an independent practice in today’s complex medical landscape. We bring a unique expertise to your practice as:


  • Population health experts who pioneered one of the first regional, independent, management services organizations (MSO) for primary care in New Jersey.

  • Physicians who work collaboratively to implement targeted strategies that reduce costs, improve patient outcomes, increase provider and employee satisfaction, and reach quality goals in value-based care.

  • A physician-led clinically integrated network[NS1]  with shared accountability for your patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, efficiency, and cost reduction.​

Seamless Reimbursement

With a network of providers, you have significant leverage in negotiating contracts with payers. If you are working in tandem with a health system as part of your clinically integrated network, you have shared goals that also could help in contract negotiations. Importantly, we take on the negotiation burden with payers. You can join existing negotiated payer contracts with financial rewards based on quality performance.


Quality Reporting

We offer proven population health management tools that securely communicate patient information as well as metrics to assess progress and measure results. We set up the tracking and reporting for you. Our state-of-the-art approach will increase transparency between your practice, specialty providers, and health systems, and transform your provider and payer relationships.


Improved Outcomes

Tracking patient health is at the heart of a clinically integrated network. Our proprietary system helps you track high-need, high-cost patients to tailor care that improve outcomes. We help you partner with cost-effective regional medical neighborhoods for specialty care.


Growth & Sustainability

We help you identify the opportunities, strategies, and solutions so you can focus on what you do best—patient care. Discover how to position your practice for growth and sustainability with our CIN.


Request an exploratory call today!

Call 973-559-3701 or email to request an exploratory call to learn more about our Vanguard Partner Network.


Dr. Mike Cascarina 

Our Family Practice

Brick Township, NJ

NJAFP Past President

“Honestly, I joined the Vanguard Partner Network because these are physicians I would send my family members to.  They practice good medicine in a way that maximizes resources for their patients and staff so they can practice even better medicine. The Physicians and support staff of VPN has taught our family practice much of what we know concerning Value Based Contracts over the past 2+ years, and VPN’s contacts within the insurance industry makes them an “insider partner” during negotiations. There is also a comfort level in knowing that physicians own and operate this CIN – it’s much easier to communicate patient and administrative issues to colleagues who have had similar experiences in a similar situation. I actually look forward to our board meetings, as I learn something new at each and every one. Clinically and financially, our membership in VPN has been a win.”

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