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Helping independent practices create sustainable transformation

As a management services organization, we help leaders of primary care groups and practices succeed in transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based care. Our experienced population health services team provides the essential tools to build strong and sustainable practice transformation by enhancing patient care, quality outcomes, and provider satisfaction. Our team is equipped to provide administrative services and we offer the option to join a clinically integrated network.

Population Health Management Services 

Our population health services team offers the full spectrum of strategies, tools, and resources to help you thrive and achieve your metrics in your value-based care contract. Contracts are complex. It’s often difficult to understand what the provider has to do to achieve shared savings. We guide you in implementing action plans to achieve these metrics through practice transformation, process improvement, provider management, and workflow implementation. 

We provide the following services that support population health management:

  • Administrative Management: Risk Coding, Attribution, and Auditing

  • Network Management: Medical Neighborhood, Specialist Networking, Referral Management 

  • Quality Management: Gaps of Care, Quality Metrics, and Chronic Long-term Risk Coordination

  • High-Risk Management: Transition of Care (TOC), Emergency Department Utilization, and Acute Services

​You will have easy access to your own analytics dashboard to track the metrics needed to achieve your goals.

Operations Support

Our comprehensive approach means that, in addition to clinical services, we provide essential operations support, from HR to billing, credentialing, succession planning, and more. With thoughtful, thorough strategic planning, we help keep your practice sustainable for the long term.

Clinically Integrated Network

As part of our network, you may choose to join an already negotiated payer contract with higher reimbursement rates than one you may have contracted with on your own. Allow the Vanguard clinically integrated network to take on the negotiation burden. Our experts have been successfully negotiating with payers for 30+ years. 

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